Happy 5th anniversary, Appmon!

This is a redraw of my favorite scene in the series. The context is a bit of a spoiler, so if you want to know what happened, you’ll have to go watch it for yourself 😊

It’s Appmon’s fifth anniversary today! How?! Has it really been that long already?! I think everyone should watch Appmon (it’s currently on Crunchyroll, if your country supports it), and by that I mean everyone, not just people who already know Digimon. I can approximate my feelings during the entire climax and ending of the series as [INCOHERENT SCREAMING] through all of it. Phryn can probably testify about how we went out to dinner together around the time the last few episodes were airing, and I went on a long and nonsensical rave on the way there because of how emotionally compromised I was. I don’t know of many things that can so tastefully navigate such a delicate balance of being so charming and funny while also sending you into an existential crisis about the potential future of humanity in the current era. It’s like when Mega Man Battle Network predicted the dangers of everyone plugging everything unnecessarily into the Internet, except speaking about those issues as they pertain to society in the present day. Oh, and also, everything hurts (in a good way).

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